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Promo Video 2023

Play Capital Arcade was a project work with City of Melbourne which aiming to create a more playful public place in the Melbourne CBD. The promo video was designed for arcade game machine which were looping on the screen before people come and play.


Ditch The Divice 2021

As technology became more convenient and easy to carry, More people walked on the street watching their mobile phones at the same time. This project aimed to warn people to stop using their phones outside and be aware of their surroundings.


Tomato 2022

Tomato is a children-based animation that was created with the message of not judging others because of their appearance, with helping children build more interest in vegetables.


Coffee Machine 2023

A short 3D animation which presents the mood of early morning that even a coffee machine does not want to work.


The Men with Hero's Mask 2022

Adapted from the Myth " The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" with the world setting of superpowers and heroes.

Rico and Alfie 2023

Rico and Alfie 2023

A creative response from a topic called "Cinema is a dying art" was invented, which wishing creating a character could help bring back the audience including younger age to the cinema. To increase the exposure of the character, a comic that would be published in subscription educational magazines was drawn.

The Men with Hero's Mask
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